Functions of Department of Supervision of Social Services


When carrying out assigned tasks the Department of Supervision of Social Services performs the following functions:


1. In the field of social care quality control and licensing, the Department:

-      provides methodological assistance on the application of social care standards;

-      provides methodological assistance on quality control of the general social services and social care;

-      in accordance with the standards of social care, it evaluates quality of social care;

-     issues licenses for provision of social care, suspends and/or cancels their validity, and supervises and monitors the compliance with the conditions of the licensed activity;

-      performs the accounting of licensed social service institutions providing social care;


2. In the field of social programmes, instruments and project management, the Department:

-    implements social programmes at the national and municipal levels (in the fields of social support, employment promotion, family and child rights’ protection, youth policy, strengthening of social inclusion, etc.);

-   organizes, coordinates and supervises the implementation of the governmental social programmes, instruments and/or projects, evaluates and regulates the use of funds allocated for the governmental social programmes, instruments and/or projects;

-     evaluates, summarizes and provides information to the Ministry of Social Security and Labour about the results of ongoing social programmes, instruments and/or of projects, also about proposals concerning government funding for the implementation of social programmes, instruments and/or projects;

-     performs constant monitoring of the implementation of governmental social programmes, instruments and/or projects;


3. In the field of certification of social workers, organization of professional skills improvement for social workers and personal care staff, the Department:

-       carries out monitoring of social workers’ needs for professional skills improvement;

-       initiates programmes for new social workers’ professional skills improvement;

-  regulates introductory programmes for individual care staff professional skills improvement; coordinates and carries out the selection procedure of social workers’ skills improvement programmes and methodical social work centres;

-       evaluates the activities of methodical social work centres;

-       organizes and carries out the certification procedure of social workers;

-       organizes the validation procedure of professional qualifications of social workers;

-      provides methodical assistance to institutions and organizations concerning the skills improvement of social workers and evaluation of practical activity.

Last change date: 2020-01-10